With Its High Housing Quality and Trusting Brand, Erenkaya Construction Signs a Magnificent Project
Vega Residence

There are 65 1+1, 10 2+1, 10 2+1 duplex apartments with a total of 85 in our project. There are also 6 shops and stores on the ground floor.

Vega Residence, saves your time and adds value to your life not only with its location, but also with the privileges it offers.

You can get information and make organizations about many services such as transfer services, food order, cleaning services and shopping services from the reception staff at the entrance of the building.

The living area on the roof of the building will add extra joy to your living space with a sun terrace, a barbeque area and a pool.

Cinema Room

Vega Residence

With a sufficient screen and 5 + 1 sound system in your residence, the Cinema Room with a special insulation will be happy to welcome you with the movies you want to watch.

Fitness Center

Vega Residence

Sports is an indispensable part of our lives. In this special project, a pleasant Fitness room consisting of high quality and special equipment is at the service of our residents.

Hammam, Sauna and SPA

Vega Residence

To get rid of the stress of daily life; You will have a pleasure in our section which consists of Hammam, Sauna and Steam Room.

Sun Terrace

Vega Residence

The rooftop pool and the surrounding sun terrace offer you the pleasure of seeing the sun.


Vega Residence

Barbeque, located on the terrace, will be at the service of those who want to enjoy this pleasure in summer and in winter. Get ready for tastes and moments.

Dry Cleaning

Vega Residence

Residents receive special discounted prices from take home dry celaning services. A phone call to the reception is enough.

House Cleaning Service

Vega Residence

You can make an appointment with our contracted cleaning company anytime you want, you will find your home as bright as the first day.

Face Recognition

Vega Residence

We have taken the security to the next level with facial recognition system. You only have to enjoy this safe environment.

License Plate Recognition

Vega Residence

In the entrance and exit of the car park, you will be able to quickly get in and out from the park with the help of the plate recognition system.

Video Security

Vega Residence

The inside of the residence, its surroundings and our car park will be under surveillance for your safety 24 hours a day.

Real Estate Agent

Vega Residence

A real estate consultant who knows every apartment, floor, region and residence services will be at your service.


Vega Residence

The generator is the biggest power of Vega Residence which will provide electricity in terms of power cut.